Who we are

CV Integrated IT Solutions Nigeria LTD (CVIT) in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Education Nigeria (FME) as part of a Public
Private Partnership (PPP),created an integrated collation system called Nigeria Education Verification Systems (NEVS) which would power the already existing Converged Education Sector Database of the FME.

NEVS would, in effect, provide a new world class solution that would track and manage students academic records in real time, provide warning notification of potential lapses in certification, eradicate falsification of results, validate records, manage online resources and documents, provide technical support and security, excellent reporting tools, build recruitment databases, maintains statistical data for critical developmental decisions and generates automated reports to stakeholders.

The whole idea was presented to the Federal Ministry of Education and other relevant agencies under the Presidency by CVIT in December 2008 and we are pleased to inform you that it was adopted as an educational policy on the 30th of May 2011 under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) structure.

About NEVS

NEVS was designed for the Nigerian Educational Sector to function as a national education grid in due time to specifically address the requests and needs of Lack of Accurate, Real Time, and Verifiable Examination Records Verification including Secured Enrolment (ACADEMIC & BIOMETRY) and Real Time Transcript Request for all Institutions.

NEVS is the most functional robust financial and administrative solution available for use by any Tertiary Institution. NEVS is specifically designed to meet the needs of Education�s Policy, Planning, Financial, Payroll, Human Capital Resources and Management.

NEVS has been time tested by demanding Administrators and end users. In addition to its functional superiority, the NEVS software is also Web-enabled and includes workflow, document imaging and advanced drill-down reporting capabilities.

NEVS is recommended for all users who demand tight integration with certifiable and verifiable records that takes cognizance of the illegal Education Data Records Manipulation.

What we do

Data Exchange Services
NEVS will provide an unmatched experience in electronic student record exchanges and with the aim of being the Nation's largest provider of post-secondary transcript services

Research Services
NEVS offer services and reports that draw on the CVIT's unmatched information resources on student-level educational outcomes nationwide.Solutions are available for institutions, supervising governmental agencies, and all forms of educational organizations for FREE!

Verification Services
CVIT's powerful online services let institutions outsource all academic verifications to NEVS at no cost, as well as easily manage and track verification requests for students and alumni. NEVS is also Nigeria's trusted source for educational verifications by businesses and other organizations.

Who we work with

Tertiary Institutions 
Through the years, we have been working with the Federal Ministry of Education, its supervising agencies, tertiary institutions to expand our services to meet their growing compliance, administrative, student access, accountability, and analytical needs. Today NEVS provides verification and reporting services to most of the post-secondary institutions in Nigeria.

Commercial Organizations 
Nearly 3,000 of the Nation's largest employers, recruiters and background search firms would contract with NEVS to perform secure, online academic verifications. In addition, thousands of other companies and individuals verify degrees each year via our public NEVS website, making it the largest online degree verification service in Nigeria.

Government Agencies & Programs 
NEVS regularly works with the supervising commissions within the Federal Ministry of Education, state and local agencies throughout the country to accurately assess the efforts of schools to help students succeed in higher education, including outreach programs. Some of the agencies/commissions are listed below as: 
• National Universities Commission 
• National Commission for Colleges of Education 
• National Board for Technical Education

Institutional & Education Researchers Through NEVS Research resource, we regularly collaborate with institutional researchers Tertiary Institutions throughout Nigeria, as well as states, educational organizations, and the Federal Ministry of Education as part of a national effort to better inform education leaders and policymakers.

The Nigeria Education Verification Services works with other industry and technology leaders in the fulfillment of our mission of service to the education community.

Benefits of NEVS

Benefits of Nigeria Education Verification System

• Ensures Proper Enrolment data 
• Ensures proper access 
• Ensures proper Assess 
• Ensures proper levy 
• Reduces lecturer / academic staff and student / scholar confrontation 
• Institution and student consensus 
• Relevance of student’s presence in school and lecture attendance 
• Nil manipulation of test results, exam records, report sheets and depository 
• Proper Bursary and grants 
• Student Test Record, Exam Records, Report Sheets, Receipts, Deposits, Study Guide Purchases and Bill Payments, Generating Report Statements and Other Reports. 
• Education Data Verifications for employment 
• Education Verification Services are sometimes referred to as Education Background Checks, Educational Checks, Degree Checks, Degree Verifications, Graduation Checks, Graduation Verifications, and Enrolment Checks. 
Because of the large number of job applicants who make false educational claims, Education Verifications are a valuable honesty check, while helping to protect an employer against negligent hiring claims. Education and training are often key to an employee's on-the-job success. An Education Verification search confirms that the education, training, or certification claims of an applicant are true.
Benefitsto the Federal Ministry of Education and associate agencies 
• Automated Tasks Maximize Efficiency and Accuracy 
• System Safeguard: Keeps Data Secure and Accurate 
• Meeting Government Requirements 
• Meeting Sector Requirements like Organizations trying to access certified education qualifications and records
• Meeting Other Government Payroll Application Requirements for policy and planning

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